Dear Friends,

Ravindu Nethmina Karunathilake is my Son and he is suffering from serious heart problem. He has undergone for

 BT Shunt and Glen Shunt surgeries. He will be having Complete Fonton Surgery in future (March 2013). 

Cardiologist Dr.Ranjith Lieanage who is living in UK and visiting to Apollo Hospital(Now Lanka Hospitals)-Sri Lanka has recommended above procedure and

surgeries done by Dr.Richard Fermin (also visiting Doctor from UK to Apollo Hospital -Colombo).

I am a Civil Engineer Graduated from University of Peradeniya-Sri Lanka(E/96 Batch)  and I had to have  financial supports to do the previous surgeries and I am thanking all who helped me financially and also donating blood.

 Objective of publishing this information are,  

1, Seeking Doctors to support me

2. Seeking advisory support

3. By passing this message to a person who will having the same or similar problem, Then he will be able to having some guide. (Fortunately I had the information about Dr.Fervin and he was available in the country at the time. So my baby had a great opportunity since Sri Lankan Doctors are not handling such cases)

4. Those who have the similar problem, can contact me and then we can keep the update of the knowledge in this regards to minimize risks.

Contact details in this regards are   or call me on 0094773632389              

Any proof in this regards is required I will be able to provide and reports are available in this web site. 

Dr.Firmin is expected to visit here in January or February 2013 and date is still not confirmed.  

I hereby thanking all my E/96 friends. Your attemt is great on financial support for the final surgery.

 Best regards,


Father of Ravindu 

 With this WEB Site I found little Mathews from Mexico who is having the same condition and his father MARIO CORTEZ was writing to me with updates of his special heart. But now his mail is not working and if anybody can help me to find him will be great. I know Mr.Mario is visiting this site and please write me.

Cath Test reult says that PA pressure is high and need to wait nearly six month for repeat thetest . i.e August 2013